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Our Community

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Our Community

At Sturt Street Early Learning, we place a strong focus on our relationships, connections and links with both the local and wider communities.

We believe that if we want children to learn about the value of community and connections with others, then we need to consider the example we set and the opportunities that we provide for this learning and these connections to take place.

Creating a ‘sense of community’ is an important part of what we do as early childhood educators.

Children grow up being part of a community, no matter where they are located, therefore it is up to us to embrace and foster this.

Through our engagement with the community, children develop feelings of belonging as well as a sense of security.

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At Sturt Street Early Learning we provide genuine connections with our community through incursions, excursions, participation in community events, engagement with local businesses/facilities and inviting community members and organisations in to our centre. We have also developed a partnership with UnitedCare Ballarat in which we help and support them with their Breezeway Meal Program.

Our children create beautiful morning tea packs and special cards for the less fortunate members of our community.

Every fortnight, the packs we create are delivered to UnitedCare and distributed on our children’s behalf.

We are very passionate and grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community.

We also support our Alfredton and Ballarat communities and local businesses by purchasing produce and resources locally where possible.

As part of our connection to the wider community, we also act as a resource for families.

We do this by providing links, referrals, books, articles and support for children and their families to access.

We believe that strong partnerships between educators and families are essential for children to be able to thrive in their environment and community.

After all, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

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